--- robots: noindex, nofollow tags: Wikibase Summit, Event --- Hashtag: [`#WikibaseNYC`](https://twitter.com/search?q=%23WikibaseNYC&src=tyah) # Linked (Open) Data / Wikibase Summit NYC **Wednesday 19 September -- Friday 21 September 2018** Locations: - [**New Museum**](https://www.newmuseum.org/), [235 Bowery, New York 10002, NY, USA](https://goo.gl/maps/ZZBbYcrapk62) - [**NEW INC**](https://www.newinc.org/), [231 Bowery, New York, 10002, NY, USA](https://goo.gl/maps/vwdKz7iVPBk) [**Participants**](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13xF3LS8s2pYJhtywylLdxpzP0QLExapAoNGTINsbWuM/edit?usp=sharing) (Google Spreadsheet) [**Detailed Program**](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G_LWiNJOIc9FrsKldUs4Tv4lwO_CSLw2IjY8fMfM7FI/edit#gid=0) (Google Spreadsheet) <small>Don't miss the sheets for each day at the bottom:</small> ![](https://notepad.rhizome.org/uploads/upload_c2d8982e4b64fbf583802d923dea3809.png =120x) [**Join the dedicated Telegram group**](https://t.me/joinchat/CBxhGkOM4rmNW1Nm0GtzQw) for instant messaging (optional) --- ## Day 1 Presentations - [*Hello*](/hello) - [Q&A protocol](/hp7Hy4RYQ8a4md26qxQ_0Q?both) - For the "small" Expert Sessions today we will split the whole group in 4 subgroups, so that you can ask question for 20 Min. After 20 min we will rotate so that everyone has the chance to be in every extpert session. The experts prepared a short input. It would be great when in every session, some people documenting the Q&A sessions. ## Day 1 Expert Sessions - [Linked Data with Wikidata](/BtqANBC7TLKyvor2a73RQw?both) (Andra Waagmeester) - [Wikibase Infrastructure](/SBGWdWJ_RUK9KfJfkt5m5Q?both) (Thomas Arrow) - [UX](/8MVSnHtvRL-9acIdk032Ew?both) (Lozana Rossenova) - [Tools](/pRtEBVveS1a0D2Mbjcz5MA?both) (Jeff Goeke-Smith, Jonathan Stray) --- ## Day 2 Workshops - Pre-Session: [Installing A Wikibase via docker](/syugnctygts876adsug_) - [Linked Data in The Cultural Sector](/0TMcpC2UQB6nnPZ6HLcNng?both) (Andra Waagmeester) - [Data Modelling](/LLaKyGDPTZKbB3r_wbnoAg?both) (Andra Wagmeester) - [Tool Building and Infrastructure](/MPTVwHVZRSSIGAvZ6cKopg?both) (Thomas Arrow) - [UX](/zMnfc5tPTwa8ajcUiTzPQA?both) (Lozana Rossenova) - [Sustainability](/bL8qvFTNRxG5mRUDLXhoSg?both) (Jens Ohlig) --- ## Day 3 Summary - [Summary/Final presentations](/aUKnfSoiQHqPWowGEqzH5Q?both) --- - [Event page on Wikidata](https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:WikiProject_Wikidata_for_research/Meetups/2018-09-19-21-New-York) - [Media files on Wikimedia Commons](https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Wikibase_Summit_New_York_September_2018) --- <small>[Rhizome Logo](http://archive.rhizome.org/logo/)</small>